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Roll the Dice with BBC’s SDCC Exclusive DOCTOR WHO Pandorica Yahtzee Game

Roll the Dice with BBC’s SDCC Exclusive DOCTOR WHO Pandorica Yahtzee Game

The BBC is known for having some pretty phenomenal exclusives (known colloquially as “sclusies”) for people who go to Comic-Con in San Diego, be they t-shirts, toys, or whathaveyou. Folks who were at their booth last year know that the line for purchasing items pertaining to Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Sherlock, and other such programming was always wrapped right the way around the tiny area they were given. Twice in some instances. While there are sure to be many other great British-tinged items to pick up, the first one they’ve released is an old favorite wrapped up in a new ancient way.

Pandorica Yahtzee 1

In the tradition of other Doctor Who-themed board games like Monopoly and Risk comes another favorite family game with a Time Lordly twist. Yahtzee: Doctor Who Pandorica Edition combines everybody’s favorite dice-rolling poker game (really, it’s poker; didn’t you know that?) with one of the best episodes of New Who by making the thing in which you roll the dice the eponymous prison from “The Pandorica Opens,” the story which saw the Eleventh Doctor trapped in the giant, square sarcophagus (located underneath Stonehenge) as part of an alliance between the Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians, and pretty much everybody else the Doctor angered during his years.

The dice are cool and translucent green with Roman numerals on them (so you have to know the difference between IV and VI) but the game is still the same and it’s all nicely contained within the Pandorica/dice cup itself. Pretty cool and good for traveling. I’ve played it a few times now and it’s nice and groovy. The Alliance has yet to trap me in there, so I think there won’t be any danger of that either.

The game will retail for $20.00 and can be picked up at the BBC America booth on preview night, or the BBC America booth OR the USAopoly booth thereafter. Get it before they’re locked away forever.

Pandorica Yahtzee 2