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Roll a Saving Throw for Time Travel with This DOCTOR WHO D12

Roll a Saving Throw for Time Travel with This DOCTOR WHO D12

Peter Capaldi’s first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor premiered over the weekend (read our review of “Deep Breath”), and we’re all feeling timey wimey and in the mood for more Doctor Who. This crafty dodecahedron featuring 12 of the Doctor’s faces fits the bill. It’s just the thing to keep on your desk, to hang from your rear view mirror in the car, or to incorporate into your gaming night. You would have the coolest D12 of them all.

doctor who d12 2

The cross-stitched D12 features colorful Andy Warhol-esque portraits of the Doctors, and it’s completely DIY. Etsy seller Robin Hobbs came up with the design and incorporated every Doctor but the War Doctor, so yes, the Twelfth Doctor’s included. She placed the Doctors so that the opposite sides add up to 13. For example, Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor is opposite Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. I feel like the collective Doctors would appreciate that touch.

doctor who d12 3

The design features 23 colors which means gathering a lot of embroidery floss, but it’s a pretty simple cross stitch project overall. Hobbs notes it’s great for someone who’s trying out a 3D cross stitch pattern for the first time. The completed dodecahedron stands at five inches tall so it’s neither too small or too giant.

doctor who d12 4

You can purchase the pattern for $15 at Hobbs’ Etsy store, Robin’s Design, and gather supplies from your local craft store. If putting the Doctors on a D12 isn’t your thing, Hobbs also has a pattern that puts them side by side in a 14.5 inch wide by 11 inches high poster style piece.

HT: Technabob


  1. Greta Vaillette says:

    That is so coo!

  2. Shawn Gorman says:

    What about the war doctor?

  3. Lee Brown says:

    that is awesome!

  4. Robin Hobbs says:

    Wow!  Thank you for the glowing write up of my dodecahedron!  I’m amazed that you guys found me.

  5. Jane says:

    would you please wear a pair of those dino-topped sneakers for this week’s return of @midnight? puhleese?