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Rockstar Verifies First GTA Online User Generated Jobs

Rockstar Verifies First GTA Online User Generated Jobs

User-generated content was one of the most intriguing features promised for Grand Theft Auto Online when it was originally announced. However, it wasn’t until recently that the feature was actually patched into the game, giving players the ability to construct their own races and death matches anywhere within the enormous Los Santos play around.

missionGTA Online players have already been getting very creative, so much so that Rockstar has put their stamp of approval on a batch of their favorite creations. 10 levels that were designed by 360 and PS3 players have been selected, tested, edited and re-released on both platforms by Rockstar for everyone’s enjoyment.  I myself plan to hop back on to try out the level “Prison Thugz Fight,” a melee weapons-only death match set in the tight confines of Los Santos’ Boilingbroke Penitentiary. Here’s the complete list of GTA Online‘s first Rockstar verified jobs.


  1. Joe Aarsen says:

    How about doing a story about the enormous amount of hacking and modding that is happening. There are Hackers givinhg out billions to people in nearly every lobby. Hackers have also figured out how to put people into cheater pools. Since R* refuses to answer to general public complaints about this, I was hoping maybe Nerdist could get some answers.