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RocketJump’s MEXICAN STANDOFF, Featuring Key & Peele

RocketJump’s MEXICAN STANDOFF, Featuring Key & Peele

One of the most unpredictable and brain-smoldering sketches ever witnessed on the web has surfaced compliments of the folks over at RocketJump. Freddie Wong has teamed up with Key & Peele to create a brilliantly absurd video filled with suspense, double crossing, and a rather twisted-yet-hilarious ending.

The sketch unravels with a tonality that warrants your close observation, only to smash you in the face with its proverbial blueberry pie and subsequently gun butt you into a pool of laughable confusion. That will make absolutely no sense to you unless you scroll down and check the bit out for yourself. Before you do, here’s a fair warning: have a bottle of aspirin in the near vicinity, as you’re likely to over-think and/or laugh yourself into a headache.


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