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RocketJump Declares Laser Tag War On Nerdist In Their Latest Video

RocketJump Declares Laser Tag War On Nerdist In Their Latest Video

In case you missed the news, back during Comic-Con, Nerdist put on an amazing four days of laser tag fun at Petco Park with the assistance of 2K, Gearbox, and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Together, laser-based battle bliss was brought to the masses as attendees went up against the likes of the CM Punk, the cast of Sleepy Hollow, and even Chris Hardwick himself. But, there was one match that everyone was eagerly anticipating, and that’s the one that went down between Nerdist and our office-mates over at Rocket Jump. However, one Rocket Jump employee got really into things, as seen in the first part of this new video from the site:

Oh Brian, always eating the wrong container of leftovers and starting wars with our closest neighbors. This is why we aren’t allowed to enter the local Starbucks anymore either. And the taco place. And the mall.

As we wait for part two of this video to come out, we recommend you go back and view some of the videos from the laser tag fun like our time-lapse of the course construction, a montage of some of the game highlights, attendees reacting to the games and, of course, Moon Dance parties. The best kind of parties really.

We had a lot of fun during our laser tag event this year, and we hope you did too. We just pray no one got caught in the crossfire of our “grudge match” with Rocket Jump… that we totally smoked them at, by the way! Sorry guys. Still friends?