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Rock Band Creators Introduce Music-Inspired FPS, CHROMA

Rock Band Creators Introduce Music-Inspired FPS, CHROMA

Harmonix is primarily known as the mastermind studio behind the Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central franchises, but today they announced that they’re taking a shot at a new genre, with their upcoming free-to-play, music-inspired, first-person shooter title, Chroma. Beware when moving down to view the game’s introduction trailer: basses will be dropped and “wubs” will be had:

Chroma1 Everything from the firing of bullets to navigating around the game’s arenas will happen on beat to the tune of the music in Chroma. I think the idea is rather unique and will bring about an interesting style of FPS action, though I’m not entirely sure how effective I’ll be shooting folks when I’m too busy dancing my ass off. The game is being developed in conjunction with Hidden Path (Counter-Strike: GO) and will release on PC sometime this fall.

A closed alpha for Chroma will be available sometime this month too and sign-ups are available here for those interested in joining the imminent frag-and-dance party.


  1. michael hayden says:

    So it will be just like ROCK THE DEAD that came out 2 years ago (but had music by Rob Zombie)