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Robin Hood Takes Over DOCTOR WHO in New ROBOT OF SHERWOOD Images

Robin Hood Takes Over DOCTOR WHO in New ROBOT OF SHERWOOD Images

No doubt riding high on the viral news that is/was the Robin Hood Monkey (I mean, because obviously), Saturday’s upcoming episode of Doctor Who has taken a bit of a folkloric turn in the “Robot of Sherwood.” And it looks like this one’s gonna be a funnyun’ (not a Funyun, though — that’d just be weird).

We feel this is a thing that should go without saying but because this is the Internet, it’s always better to be over-safe than sorry: spoilers — big ones! — lie ahead for Saturday’s brand new episode of Who, folks. Proceed with caution if you’re afraid you’ll see something you don’t want to. (Also maybe stop clicking on stuff that looks so obviously spoilerrific.)

The Mark Gatiss penned episode features a veritable smorgasbord of British comedic talent, including Tom Riley and Ben Miller as Robin of Locklsey and the Sheriff of Nottingham, respectively. And while some of you out there may be thinking “wait a second — but wasn’t Robin Hood not even a real person? Wasn’t he just like, y’know, a folkloric character and/or amalgamation of medieval outlaws with a positive spin?” Just know that, trust, those sort of concerns will be dealt with in the episode itself.

So while we wait for Clara, the Doctor, and the TARDIS to touch down in medieval Nottingham forest, how’s about we look at the bevy of photos the BBC released to help quell the unyielding, exhausting anticipation that is “waiting for the next episode of Doctor Who to come on”? The struggle is so real. But at least these images have a bunch of super great colors in ’em, eh? (It’s the little things, folks.)

So — How excited are you for the Doctor and Robin Hood to meet? Because we’re feeling totally Merry Men about it.


  1. I thought the episode itself was really hilarious, though it’s true that it was the oddest problem with the crappiest solution [not gonna spoil it]. People got to act a bit, though, and that counts for something, I think.

  2. Halster says:

    It was dumb! I have seen some ‘weak’ episodes in the past, but this was just plain bad. Sorry, but so far, this season has simply not been very good at all. It’s not just a “I don’t like the new guy” thing, I mean it has just been bad so far. I had so much hope for Capaldi. I really like him and was looking forward to what he had to bring as The Doctor, but I think the writing has really let it down.

  3. This looks utterly fantastic, love the season, the new doctor and the fact that Clara has finally got a real part in the series

  4. joey says:

    This looks awful.  Anyone remember that god awful Star Trek Next Gen episode that had the crew in leotards of Sherwood forest? Ugh.  This looks just as bad