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Robert Kirkman Talks “Walking (and Talking) Dead” on CNN’s “Stroumboulopoulos” Tonight, 10e

Robert Kirkman Talks “Walking (and Talking) Dead” on CNN’s “Stroumboulopoulos” Tonight, 10e

While a new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is still months away, you can feed your need for all things undead tonight as Walking Dead creator and Nerdist podcast guest Robert Kirkman brings his mighty beard to CNN’s Stroumboulopoulos at 10/9c/7p.

In addition to his flesh-eating masterwork, Kirkman will also be talking about our favorite talkback show, Talking Dead, which you may recall is hosted by our own Chris Hardwick (plus, you can see tons of Talking Dead bonus content on the Nerdist Channel).

Take a sneak peek at the wide-ranging interview, in which Kirkman and George Stroumboulopoulos discuss the early days of his career and how he broke the news to his family that he was quitting his job to pursue comics:

Since we’re on the subject, let us know what you’d like to see happen in The Walking Dead Season 4 in the comments below. If there’s a comic book spoiler though, kindly tag it though or we’ll send you to Woodbury.


  1. poiboy says:

    his shows were better when they were on the original canadian CBC model