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RJ Mitte Wishes Walter White “Happy Father’s Day”

RJ Mitte Wishes Walter White “Happy Father’s Day”

If anyone’s a candidate for “daddy issues,” it’s the unlucky progeny of one Walter White, but the Breaking Bad Dad seems to have imparted some serious perspective on his imaginary kids. RJ Mitte takes the time to wish his TV Dad a “Happy Father’s Day” in this video, thanking WW for things like “not letting my girlfriend choke on her own vomit,” “strangling a guy named Crazy 8 with a bike lock (for the family),” and recognizing that while other people’s dads tell embarrassing knock-knock jokes, Walter White is the one who knocks. This could be a masterclass in forgiveness, so take notes angsty teens about to date someone just to piss off your dad.


  1. NoSoapRadio says:

    Aww…this is sweet.
    Also, did anyone else have a bunch of kids show up on their doorstep today, too?