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Ridley Scott’s HALO Series Looks Amazing, STAR WARS REBELS, GOOSEBUMPS, and More

Hope you enjoyed your Nerdist News breakfast. We know: it’s lunchtime, and you’re hungry for more. Here it is!

Jessica Chobot got to catch up with the creators and cast of Star Wars Rebels, and find out which of our favorite characters we’ll get to see in the show. We also got a good look at the new Halo: Nightfall TV series by Xbox, and learned some of the ways that the show will interlace with sequels of the game. Last but never least, our new best friend Jack Black will be appearing in the Goosebumps movie franchise. Guess what I have on my arms from this news.

Thanks for letting us whet your Nerdist News appetite. We’ll be back for dinner with the Day 2 wrap-up show tonight. While you wait, let us know what you think of the Halo reveal!

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  1. I want a television adaptation of Halo:ODST starring the voice actors….look it up if you need to.

  2. I’ve got 2 words for Halo Nightfall: Private Caboose… Ridley Scott should totally include him.  :)