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Ride the Australian Rails With Pogo

We’ve seen remix artist Nick “Pogo” Bertke‘s handiwork before, like the Wizard of Oz soundtrack remix and the Mighty Boosh mashup and the Lord of the Rings and Up remixes. His latest videos are travel pieces, but with a particularly Pogo twist, and there’s no way to describe them other than to say they’re mesmerizing and you should watch them. They were commissioned by Great Southern Rail to show off the Ghan and Indian Pacific rail lines, but they’re not just scenery (although there’s some attention-grabbing examples of that indeed). There are people, trains, food, and even lightning, all set to an irresistible beat.

The Ghan’s above; here’s the Indian Pacific video:

And for completeness’ sake (because this is Nerdist and we are nerds and we have to have every version of everything, always), here are the commercial versions of the Ghan and Indian Pacific spots, each in one and two minutes long versions and adding labels and tag lines:

And now I want to take a trip.

HT: Laughing Squid