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REVIEW: Samsung X810 Soundbar

Ever since CES in January, the massive electronics show where a hundred thousand people from all over the world join forces with Las Vegas to ensure that you’ll contract an airborne virus, I’ve been really impressed with Samsung. They make great HD flatscreens and are innovating in a bunch of other areas of gadgety goodness. One thing I saw while I was there was the X810 Soundbar, which does a nice job at simulating 5.1 surround. The main selling point is the clean design—one long bar with a built-in DVD player that can mount to your wall right under your LCD, like a little sound shelf. The only other piece is a compact yet powerful subwoofer that connects via Bluetooth, so you could put it next to your set-up or just jam it into the corner and out of sight, like a rotten stepchild. For $550 I think this thing is the mutt’s nuts. Well done, Samsung!

Now watch as thousands of still images run in a sequence to give you the impression of motion:


  1. The Nerdist says:

    Rudy agreed and AGREED.

  2. Rudy says:

    That’s actually really saddening that they don’t give you stuff, considering you’re like a modern day midway barker minus the striped suit and straw ha…oh wait.

  3. chrisallen says:

    i’m so jealous you got to touch that.

    oh and the speaker system is ok too.

  4. Casi says:

    “what’s this then?”
    ha ha ha ha so funny!