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REVIEW: Roku Netflix Box

Roku, the company behind the ingenious little SoundBridge music streamer has expanded to streaming music attached to moving pictures with the Netflix Player. Embracing Unix Philosophy, the player does one thing and it does it well—it instantaneously streams Netflix movies to your TV. The down side is that this is still a relatively nascent service so the volume of content and quality of picture isn’t quite there yet but the upside is that Netfilx is doing everything it can to remedy that by adding tons of titles everyday. Though HD content isn’t available, an HDMI port of the back of the box is like a tiny little oracle mouth promising that it will be soon. On top of that, the $99 price tag and ease of set-up makes this the perfect device for the those wishing to play in the early adopter arena without dropping a pile of cash.

Click here to trade your money for one or to get more in-depth information.

Watch below if you would like the colorful, talky version of this review from Attack of the Show.


  1. Dan Telfer says:

    I was pretty interested in this device, until I heard the X-Box 360 was going to become one!