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REVIEW: Pentax P70 Digital Camera


  1. Renee says:

    Have a Pentax, like it. Still have trouble with auto mode because in low light, it keeps the shutter open longer, which is great if you have a tripod, but for a hand-held camera, I end up screwing up a lot of shots that aren’t in bright sunlight.

    However, when you can find the right setting or are in good surroundings for the auto-selection to work, it does take very nice photos.

    I’m pleased with mine overall, especially with the price I paid for it on woot.

  2. Deltus is right about the pixels and the professionals ( my best friend is one.)
    i have one, but i don’t really care as much as my friend about cameras.

  3. Deltus says:

    A few comments:

    What the hell was with that bear? I don’t know if your video graphics people were trying to be funny, but it was just weird, and actually a little creepy. Memories of Teddy Ruxpin spring to mind, and that’s never a good thing. Evil autonomous bear must die!

    One contentious issue with your review: you can’t smooth, sharpen, or de-blur an individual pixel. By definition. Image blur can only be defined by how particular pixels are in relation to their neighboring pixels, and the trends of color changes. To fix blur on individual pixels is analogous to investigating the reasons for a traffic jam by looking at just one car. But whatever, the camera does some blur fixing, is the point.

    I also want to praise one point you made: it’s not about the megapixels. THANK YOU! 12 Mp is too large of files for the average person’s common picture usage. Mind, if the camera will scale down to 6 or 8, that’s fine too, but most people take the bull-headed approach and want their full resolution all the time, which just gives you less pictures per memory card.

    Oh, and a professional probably wouldn’t be using this camera, nor would they slum around at 12 Mp. They have cameras that eat this little Pentax for breakfast.

    Overall, very good review, sir! *golf-clap applause*