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When you start noticing more plaid at comic conventions this summer, you can blame Lumberjanes. The first issue of the new all-ages comic from BOOM! Studios was just released last week, and it stars a group of female friends and an all female creative team. Noelle Stevenson (writer), Grace Ellis (writer), Brooke Allen (art), Shannon Watters (senior editor), and more bring the story about a spirited group of Lumberjane Scouts to life, and it captured my heart on the first page – and not just because of a Joan Jett reference.

Lumberjanes #1 takes an interesting approach in that it immediately dumps you into the action. Much like the girl gang of Mal, Molly, Jo, April, and Ripley, you have to figure out what is going on around you and roll with the punches. Because of that, you engage with their world and get hooked more or less instantly. It worked as a great set-up without spending time on too much exposition. While it wouldn’t suit every story, it fits Lumberjanes like a glove.


Following the girls through a wild night is a great way to meet them. We learn the bare bones about what spurred their romp through the woods, their camp, the camp leader, and of course, the Lumberjane Scouts. However, we glean plenty of insight into their personalities. The events roll off the pages like a lively amusement park ride, and the girls’ enthusiasm is infectious. The art style and character designs add to the charm.

Though the dialogue occasionally ventures into Adventure Time-esque territory, it fits the campy (yes, I said it) and spunky tone of the book. The high-energy tale hits the sweet spot of quirky but not too weird. You want to know more about the bizarre creatures they encounter and the world, but mostly, the story makes you want to memorize the affirming Lumberjanes pledge and sign up. Action first, questions later. These are the kind of ladies I want to hang out with.

You can find Lumberjanes #1 at your local comic book shop.


  1. Bob says:

    If you aren’t already reading Noelle Stevenson’s web comic Nimona ( you should be. It’s fantastic.