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REVIEW: Dock That iPhone

iHome comes to the rescue to add some much needed sack to your iPhone! Sack-adding aside, the IP99 is not just awesome because it has “I pee” in the name but also because it is an iPhone/iPod dock, AM/FM clock radio and capable speakerphone Voltron-ing together to increase your Giddy Quotient for at least a couple of days. Bluetooth pairing provides for wireless connectivity if you like and the sound quality is purty dang good. We had a couple of “uh-ohs” pairing it as you’ll see if you watch the video (live TV! irreparable moments! RAD!) but I don’t care. I still liked it plenty. Think of it as Ripley’s Power Loader Exo-Suit for your iPhone. After you make that comparison, wonder no more why you’re single.

C’mon! It’s only $200! You’d probably lose that to a Three-Card Monty-ist on the street tonight anyway!