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REVIEW: Casio EX-Z150 Digital Camera

If you’re a professional photographer then you’re far too snooty for this camera! It’s only .79 inches thick, comes in a variety of Slurpee colors, has a 3" LCD (nIIIIIIIce!) and has a 28mm lens. 2 million dollars you say? TRY $200!!! As I mention in the review, if you take a picture of your junk, it will capture your wiener’s soul. Yes, wieners have a separate soul that goes to its own separate wiener heaven because when people die, they don’t need them. Angels don’t have sex per se, but they do finger their halos which produces the equivalent of a four megaton orgasm here on Earth. This activity is not photographable, so forget I mentioned it and instead watch this review:


  1. natalie says:

    haha i have the camra and its greeen

  2. chrisallen says:

    finger their halos? oh…. man….

    take a picture of THAT!