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REVIEW: Blackberry Storm

I wanted so much to like this phone…


  1. conedude13 says:

    no wifi on the verizon network; sounds up to par for them. i got to have hands on with this also at costco and really didn’t like the scrolling through the apps; you had no sense of location in the app menu when you were doing it. and i really didn’t like the need to poke then press on something to open it up, or just press harder on it. seems a bit counter intuitive for something called a “touch screen”. getting a new phone at the end of next summer and so far it seems to be the iPhone still.

  2. I recognized where the graphic on your T-Shirt came from the moment I saw it. Very cool.

    And now for a nice bit of nostalgia…

  3. Scott says:

    gah! … just realized you linked to

    Thanks! ^_^

  4. Scott says:

    Yes, please Chris tell us where we can get that awesome shirt!

  5. The Nerdist says:

    Spike: I would say that the lagging could be fixed in a firmware update. If the Storm dramatically improves in a few months, we might re-visit it. As of now, though, it’s just not that strong.


  6. I want that shirt.
    I used to want to make it, but someone took care of it for me… where did you get it?

  7. SpikeDelight says:

    Hey I was wondering, would the ‘laggy menus and accelerometer’ be able to be fixed in a firmware update? I’ve used the phone a fair amount and I have to say it is noticeable, but it’s not like it’s inconsistent (as an example there’s a difference between a game consistently running at 25 FPS and one that’s at 60 but then it dips lower) and overall I enjoyed using it. It would be nice for the Blackberry to get on that though, and maybe add a ‘predictive typing’ thing like the iPhone.