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REVIEW: Acer Aspire One Notebook

As far as I can tell, the lady-bug sized Ultra Mobile PC market isn’t really taking off so now we’re seeing the next size up which is the mini-laptop. Asus, Lenovo and sort of the Vaio are attempting to give as powerful a computing experience in as compact a laptop as possible. Add Acer to that mix in your weird computer mixing bowl and you get the Aspire One with a myriad of configuration choices: Linux or XP, 8G SSD or 160G HDD, and four offbeat colors.

This is a fine machine that an old timey gold prospector would describe as having “gumption,” followed by “witchcraft,” because the concept of a computer would be far outside his arsenal of referents.


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  1. I’m not feeling this :/ 1.6ghz just won’t cut it for my music production needs. It’s still a great creation 😀

  2. SailRacer says:

    What’s the battery life like on this bad Jackson?

  3. Lisa says:

    I love Acer! I’ve had my Acer TravelMate for a few years now and love it, mainly because of its curved keyboard and goodly-sized function keys and arrow keys. It’s the only brand I found at the time with anything remotely close to an ergonomic keyboard in a laptop.

    However, the touch pad on mine sucks, too. That’s their one consistent annoyance, apparently.

  4. Giggleloop says:

    I didn’t know you were on the Adam Carolla show on the 23rd?! I’m about to listen to the podcast right now on Digg – sweet! (I listen to them on the internet at work most days)