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Revenge of the “NerdTerns”

On the season finale of “NerdTerns” on the Nerdist Channel, the ‘Terns are still under the iron-fisted rule of Ben (Benjamin Dunn), but they’re working on a plan inspired by Jenny’s (Jenny Fine) vision. Will they take back the Showroom from the evil Ben and restore Mo (Mo Fathelbab) to his rightful position? The answer lies within this episode, with a plethora of guest stars, including Matt Bennett, Colton Dunn, and Paul Scheer.

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  1. Jeff MacDonald says:

    I hope he also had his copy of Surf Ninjas in the car.

  2. Vincent K. says:

    This whole season was fantastic. I’m so proud of all of you for putting together such a consistently funny and quality show. HUGE kudos. Can’t wait to Season Two!

  3. Nathaniel H. says:

    There must be a season 2! Excellent season!