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Return of Return of the Jedi with Chris Hardwick, Seth Green and More

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – well, thirty years ago at the Egyptian Theater, actually – Return of the Jedi was released to the world. After having their heart strings sufficiently pulled and stomachs frozen in emotional Carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back, fans had to know how it ended. How will Luke and Chewie save Han? How will Darth Vader’s confession of paternal lineage affect Luke’s ability to fight the Empire? And most importantly, what the hell is an Ewok?

All of these questions and more were going to be answered in a film originally touted as Revenge of the Jedi (Marketing materials and one sheets actually made it into some theaters for the Revenge title before George Lucas decided it was inappropriate to suggest a Jedi would take revenge). How did fans react to the revelations that would come in Return of the Jedi? The film was a huge success (clearly, since we’re still talking about the trilogy 30 years later), but more than the other two, Jedi had elements that got fans talking and, eventually, arguing.

In preparation for Entertainment Weekly and Geoff Boucher’s Capetown Film Fest, EW asked die-hard Star Wars fan Kyle Newman to create a short film getting to the heart of why fans love the film. And who better to do that than Star Wars fans who’ve gone on to profess their love professionally as actors, writers and directors, creators in their own right? Newman got a group together, including the likes of Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Sam Witwer, Jaime King, Topher Grace and our own Chris Hardwick, to sit down and talk about what ROTJ meant to them.

After premiering at the May the 4th 30th Anniversary screenings of Return of the Jedi at the Egyptian Theater (the same theater in which the film premiered 30 years ago), Return of Return of the Jedi is now available at Entertainment Weekly‘s website for a limited time (only 48 hours), and is a must see. Find out which actress has a surprising disdain for Ewoks, discover which actors have an obsession with Salacious Crumb, and learn which costume was memorialized by the line, “You gotta appreciate what that costume did for, like, Comic-Con.” So crack open a frosty bottle of Jawa beer, put on your most comfortable robes and watch the Jedi masters of fandom remember back to their days as Padawan learners.

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  1. This was amazing!

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    I think Return of the Jedi not only concluded one of the first, best movie series of its time, but it also introduced the notion of spoilers. I’d go so far as to say it actually created the term.

    EVERYBODY knew another Star Wars movie was coming. It filmed under the fake, working title of Dark Harvest. I remember scouring Starlog for articles and pictures from production, begging my parents to allow me to watch the first clips shown on Good Morning America before taking me to school. AND, in the biggest screwup of all time, allowed the Marvel Comics paperback adaptation of the movie to go on sale DAYS BEFORE THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED.

    I scored my copy and walked into school with it the next day waving it and said, “Do you want to know what happens?!” My best friend shouted out “NooooOOOO!”

    Yea, I was that guy.

    I knew what was coming and it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the movie one bit. And it’s still one of my favorite movies to this day.

    Well, the pre-SE version that is….

  3. Goode Jorb says:

    Please could Toher grace be compelled to release the cuts list of the starwars prequels edit that he made so the fanedit community could reconstruct it.