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Report: Leaked Video Shows From Software’s PROJECT BEAST

Report: Leaked Video Shows From Software’s PROJECT BEAST

The makers of the game that made you toss your controller like 50 Cent throwing the first pitch at a Mets game, Demon’s Souls, have reportedly been working on a brand new title for the PlayStation 4 under the codename “Project Beast.”

Besides showing gameplay that is quite reminiscent to the Souls series, the video also exhibits particularly sexy visuals that are sure to be orgasmic to anyone who’s played the previous titles. But don’t take my word for it friends, take a gander at the leak for yourself:

Don’t you just love NeoGAF? There’s never a shortage of E3 spoilers as long as you’re hanging around those message boards. Fingers crossed that this rumor comes to fruition.



  1. ObviousName says:

    This is the only game that could get me to buy a PS4. I love Dark Souls and I never got to play Demon souls, because it was a PS exclusive, but I heard it was awesome.