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Report: Kiefer Sutherland Playing A Role In New MORTAL KOMBAT

Report: Kiefer Sutherland Playing A Role In New MORTAL KOMBAT

Kiefer Sutherland seems to be getting comfortable working on video games, with reports from IGN indicating the 24 star’s involvement in a new Mortal Kombat game. Sutherland has already been hard at work voicing Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V, which is what he was speaking about before making the following statement:

Mortal-Kombat“I did Mortal Kombat, and that’s such a huge game, but it’s so not like [Metal Gear Solid V].”

He went on to say that he completed his work on Mortal Kombat “pretty quickly” in comparison to Metal Gear Solid V. While we have no confirmation of which Mortal Kombat title Sutherland may be speaking, there’s a good chance this could be the game Mortal Kombat Legacy producer Lance Sloane claimed would launch alongside the upcoming film.

As far as what character he voiced, we’ll just have to wait and see, though I’m sure a majority of us wouldn’t mind seeing Jack Bauer get inserted into the game’s roster of fighters or even as the final boss. Wait, on second thought, that just wouldn’t be fair at all; Shao Kahn ain’t got nothing on Jack Bauer!



  1. He should be a pirate and one of his special moves should involve tackling a Christmas tree. Like a ‘friendship’ or something.