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Remembering Britney Dudeson, Video Game Style

How would you choose to honor the memory of someone who meant the world to you? If you’re Nerdist pals The Dudesons, and that someone was your pet pig Britney Dudeson, you’d release a new mobile video game.

Yeah, that’s what they’re doing. And you can get it now.

Save Britney Dudeson! honors the late porcine sidekick of the insane Finnish daredevils, and the game involves you having to save Britney from an eternity in Hell — er, Hell Island. It has 32 levels in two worlds, and Dudesons fans will get plenty of familiar references throughout.

”Britney was a great pig. He experienced so much more than a normal pig would experience, and he lived 7 times longer than a normal pig would. Unfortunately, he might have had 7 times more sins than other pigs, and that’s why we are not sure if he will find his way to heaven without a little help”, said The Dudesons’ Jukka Hildén in the official press release, which also notes that the group planned a Britney video game set to launch on the pig’s 8th birthday, but Britney died before it was completed. “We first thought that we could not release the game, since our friend had just died. But then we changed the game logic and story a bit and realised that actually this way we could make Britney immortal,” said Jarppi Leppälä.

The game, which costs $1.99, is available now for iOS: Click here to get it. An Android version should show up in the Google Play store in a few weeks, the guys tell us.

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  1. Anthony says:

    So long Britney, you were delicious, err, beloved.

    Too soon?