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Relive Your Console Memories with the VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE Trailer

This July, Jeremy Snead’s documentary on the history of gaming – Video Game: The Movie – is headed to iTunes and OnDemand services from Variance Films. We’ve got the trailer featuring luminaries from gaming history and Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick talking about his console gaming past.

From the official synopsis:

“From executive producer Zach Braff and director Jeremy Snead, Video Games: The Movie is an epic feature length documentary chronicling the meteoric rise of video games from nerd niche to multi-billion dollar industry. Narrated by Sean Astin and featuring in-depth interviews with the godfathers who started it all, the icons of game design, and the geek gurus who are leading us into the future, Video Games: The Movie is a celebration of gaming from Atari to Xbox and an eye-opening look at what lies ahead.”

Video Game: The Movie will be released theatrically in the U.S. and Canada on July 18th, and available on iTunes and other digital platforms on July 15th.


  1. LongBottomLeaf says:

    Reminds me of King of Kongs: Fistful of Quarters, for some reason. Good film