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Relive GAME OF THRONES’ Most Epic Moments from ‘The Watchers on The Wall’ in Pictures

Relive GAME OF THRONES’ Most Epic Moments from ‘The Watchers on The Wall’ in Pictures

There’s no denying the ferocity and downright epic episode of television that was Game of Thrones‘ penultimate episode, “The Watchers on The Wall.” There was intrigue, excitement, visual intensity, and a heck of a lot of magic — even beyond Dany’s dragons. The world of Westeros is changing — spinning both forward and backwards in time, awaiting what feels to be a pretty explosive crash once the two meet. And nowhere else was that fact more evident than on Sunday night.

(Pssst. There are spoilers in this post.) 

Thankfully, the folks at HBO have the pictures to prove it. And yes, there are photos of those giants and wooly mammoths — so grand and insane in size and scale. It’s the first time, really, we’ve seen the magical forces of the world most active, and it was, perhaps the most exciting and intricate bit of TV magic we’d yet to see. Sure, we’ve had a few looksies here and there at some of the myriad magical creatures referenced in the Westerosi world, but those have been rare or brief at best. Dragons and direwolves are juuuuust the beginning, it seems!

Considering “The Watchers on The Wall” was also the most expensive episode of the show, ever, it makes sense they’d want to show off all that impressive CGI work with a few snaps of their finished work. To recreate these creatures with such heft and force was undoubtedly no small feat when one considers just how intricate the details are.

So — which did you like better: the mammoths or the giants? (We personally preferred the giants because who doesn’t love a Jim Henson-looking nightterror, eh?) Let us hear about your favorites in the comments.


  1. Mary Ann says:

    Nerdist, make it easier to look at pics.

  2. David Linde says:

    Nerdist, y u no slideshow??