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Relive Coachella, Weekend 1 with JBL’s INDIO BINGO

Relive Coachella, Weekend 1 with JBL’s INDIO BINGO

What year is it? Do I have a great bushy beard? Who is the president? Or, dare I say, the space president? These were but a few of the questions that raced through my mind as I made my way back to Los Angeles early this morning after spending three days in the desert listening to incredible music (Debbie Harry performing “Heart of Glass” with Arcade Fire? Yes, please!), shielding myself from dust storms caused by 20 MPH winds, and taking in the unique sights and sounds that make the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival the wonderful mixture of Mad Max and Spring Breakers that we’ve come to know and love.

Our own Brian Walton and I spent the weekend at Coachella, teaming up with JBL to bring you inside the festival and give you a sense of all the sights, sounds, and sensory overloads that the sprawling event has to offer. But, like true nerds, we needed to have a game component attached, so we cooked up our very own Coachella-fied version of I Spy: Indio Bingo!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

And if you’re attending weekend two, here’s a copy of the Indio Bingo board for you to print out and play along!

Post by JBL.

If you find anything we missed, be sure to tag it #JBL and #Nerdchella so we can admire your anthropological skills.