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Relativity Deal Means Live-Action Version Of ANOMALY Is Coming

Relativity Deal Means Live-Action Version Of ANOMALY Is Coming

Nerdist readers discovered the ground-breaking graphic novel Anomaly when we interviewed creators Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin about it in December. If you read the book and checked out its Augmented Reality features, you probably thought, yeah, this would make a good movie.

And that might just be happening. reports that Relativity has a deal to finance, produce, and distribute a live-action feature based on the interactive graphic novel. Ed Ricourt is writing the script and Joe Roth and Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh and Tucker Tooley will produce.

To refresh your memories, our Dan Casey described the action this way: “Set in the 28th Century, when most of mankind lives in off-world colonies (read: space slums) and a corporate oligarchy known as The Conglomerate conquers planets to strip mine them for valuable resources, Anomaly centers on a diplomatic mission to a mysterious, uncharted planet where things quickly go awry. What unfolds next is a war for the fate of the planet, aptly named Anomaly, and the beginnings of a much larger anti-Conglomerate resistance.”

You can get the massive book version here. No date yet for the movie version, since it’s just now at the deal stage, but here’s the book trailer again to whet your appetite:

And Brittenham and Haberlin have another one coming, Shifter, in November, so stay tuned for that.

Interested? If you read the book, who would you want to see cast in the live action version? Comment away below….