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Rejoice Because Hot Toys Is Making THAT Groot Toy from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Rejoice Because Hot Toys Is Making THAT Groot Toy from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Warning: there are minor spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy in this post. If you haven’t seen Marvel’s latest film, turn back now. (Also, you should probably go see it.) Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Are you ready? Ok, phew. Now that it’s just us Guardians here, let’s talk about the cutest scene in the movie: dancing baby Groot! It takes more than a spectacular crash to keep the sentient being that looks like a tree down, and he can recover even after being smashed into splinters. He just needs a little love and care, and that includes being put into a pot and growing strong all over again. That’s delightful enough on its own, but when that tiny sprout busts into dance moves? I melted into a puddle on the theater floor. Dancing Groot is my happy place.

As my friends and I walked out of the theater, we mentioned Marvel would be leaving piles of money on the table if they didn’t make a dancing Groot toy for the holidays. The internet/world/everyone seemed to share that sentiment, and Ryan Penagos, executive editorial director for Marvel’s digital media, tweeted that they’ve been discussing the possibility for months. At least one company has stepped up to the challenge because Hot Toys is producing a sixth scale dancing potted Groot! Happiness!

dancing groot

The potted Groot is a bonus accessory available exclusively to people who order the Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and Groot figure set from Sideshow Collectibles. Even if Marvel works with another licensee to create a more mass market version of the toy, Hot Toys’ sculpt will likely be as detailed and high-quality as the rest of their offerings. Besides, if you’re going to own multiples of anything in life, shouldn’t it be a dancing Groot?

You can pre-order Rocket and Groot at Sideshow Collectibles. The duo is priced at $359.99, but you also have the option of making monthly payments. The figures are expected to ship in March 2015. But come on, they’ll be worth the wait.

groot(via imgur)

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  1. $359??!! Theft much? Not much, much too much!

    I’ll just wait for Marvel’s which will cost $15.

  2. Johnny says:

    Keep in mind it’s 1/6th scale so it’s less then 2 inches tall. It’s proportional to the other figures. It’s ment to be an accessory.

  3. Jessica says:

    It better dance $400. WOW!!!! 

  4. Sara Watson says:

    So… instead of offering it separately to those who only want a dancing baby groot, you’re charging us almost
    $400??? And you wonder why people make fan art and their own sculptures and you don’t sell any.

    • pat says:

      for people like me who are buying the set, its an awesome add-on. they didn’t have to include it at all

  5. Shawn says:

    So this is extortion, right?

  6. Ilpalazzo says:

    Some other Chinese sweatshop is sure to crank them out cheaper. $350 is ridiculous for something that will sell like hotcakes at Xmas for $20

  7. Ramshapathic says:

    You saw it at the theater? I had no idea there was a stage version.

    • Caroline says:

      Wait, where do you live that it’s weird to refer to it as “the theatre”?  That’s what we’ve always called it… so I’m curious what it is called elsewhere. Cinematheque?  Movie house?  Bijou?  What year is this?!

    • BassBone says:

      What else would you call a place that shows movies?

      • Cara says:

        Both spellings are correct in America. From the grammarist: “Neither has any special definitions in general usage. The preferred spelling in American English is ‘theater’ and theatre is preferred virtually everywhere else.” Some people do make the distinction that theatre is for the stage and theater describes motion pictures. This is not a widely held belief and stems from the pretentious beliefs of some that plays and Opera are higher forms of art and therefore more worldly, using a world version of the word. In other words, there is no difference in the spelling. This is not actually a thing. 

  8. Vern says:

    Somewhere outside Beijing an old couple sat in a warehouse full of unsellable dancing sunflowers are weeping with joy… 

  9. sarah says:

    I want a bluetooth compatible baby Groot speaker that will dance to whatever song I play. 

  10. sarah says:

    I only want the dancing Groot…and it needs to be dancing. The other figurines I don’t care for

  11. Shokdiesel says:

    In the name of page views, let’s be honest: It’s not THAT toy. We want that moves!

  12. I’d like a dash-mounted dancing Groot…like one of those Hula Girls.

  13. Dee says:

    I don’t know if the ones who think you’re only getting the potted groot for $360 understand that its for all three figures. considering that one figure from these guys can start you at $200, getting 3 for $350 isn’t all that bad. i already have 1 figure from them and the quality/detail is excellent and well worth the $$ if you have it. 

  14. Olivia says:

    Super cool gif!

  15. David Kostus says:

    Making one that actually dances shouldn’t even be hard…  they’ve made toys like that before. The suggestion of making it solar powered is also awesome.

  16. I appreciate the effort but at that price point, and for a non-dancing version, it’s really not worth it. I would rather wait for a proper dancing one, or just make my own.

  17. DiHard11 says:

    This is cute.  I’m a nerd with disposable income. But I dunno. Maybe I’ll wait for just the dancing Groot.

  18. Robin Asia says:

    I’m sure I can rationalize this purchase.  Somehow.  

  19. Byron says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking more of a rubber molded one that plays the Jackson 5 and sways like in the movie. Just nice and simple and under fifty freakin dollars! My kid won’t want it if it doesn’t dance! 

  20. Tristia says:

    I so want dancing groot but I can’t pay $350 (considering it’s a fancy remake of the 90’s dancing flower/I don’t need the other figures). Hopefully someone else will come up with something. 

  21. Dena says:

    they need to come out with a little one that’s solar powered. it would have a place of honor on my dashboard!

  22. $360 for a dancing Groot and a bunch of stuff I’m not interested in? Sorry Hot Toys, Marvel and The Nerdist, this isn’t the toy we’re looking for.

  23. 7screws says:

    350 dollars?? Surely there has will be a cheaper option in the future. I’ll wait thank you very much

  24. Jeff says:

    Ok, does it actually dance? Like those old dancing flower toys. Because THAT is what they need to make.

  25. Shawn Depasquale says:

    where does it say it will dance? I’m not seeing any mention in the image of it moving….

  26. Luis Marcanth says:

    Let’s try to rationalize and come up with asatisfying excuse for making this purchase: 
    If you think it’s a dollar a day it doesn’t look that expensive. 

    • Aaron says:

      It’s for my kid. Really, it’s for her!  No seriously!! Okay, ya got me.. I want it for me. sigh…

    • Groot says:

      Rationalising is that last thing you want to do when dropping 300$+ on a toy… And yes, im getting one