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Regina Spektor’s New Song “Black and White” Will Make You Cry

🎶 “I’m not crying; it’s just been raining on my face” 🎶 -Flight of the Conchords circa 2007

🎶 “You will always start to cry”🎶 – Regina Spektor, circa  2016

Regardless of who you really want to believe, our eyes are wet, but unlike Jemaine and Bret, we have a real excuse: Regina Spektor has a brand new song called “Black and White” and it is an emotionally gripping song that has maybe made us weep a little (a lot).

Currently in the midst of a major comeback after years of relative silence, the beloved singer/pianist has announced a new album, Remember Us To Life and treated us to a few samples of what to expect. However, the songs thus far have been on the lighter side, showing off the playful side of Spektor’s songwriting. “Black and White,” on the other hand, is an aggressively forlorn song that will definitely make you want to look out the window on a rainy day and ask the song’s most pertinent question: “Why should I wait for tomorrow?”

Man, we forgot that Regina Spektor had this superpower. All it take is a slow chord progression and a little bit of honesty and we are goners. Are you crying right now? Don’t lie to us.

Remember Us to Life drops on September 30 via Sire Records.

Want to know more about Regina Spektor’s forthcoming record? We got you:

Image: Sire Records

Matt Grosinger is the music editor of Nerdist, and it has most certainly been raining on his face. You can follow him here.

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