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Real Life Angry Birds (Without Real Birds)

Here’s the latest in a long line of “real life video game” parodies, Real Life Angry Birds, from Almost Twins on Funny or Die:

Yes, but will they do a Rio version?


  1. Shane says:

    That is totally bullshit.
    In Level 1-2 when he launched that second Red there should have been an existing hash line of the previous bird’s trajectory. I don’t know what sort of Life Emulator Software this guy was running, but he doesn’t know his Yellow Rushies from his Black ‘Splodies as far as I’m concerned.

    I mean, come on folks. What update is this guy running here, right? Pfft.

  2. Deltus says:

    That slingshot looks like it would be a shit-ton of awesome to play with.

  3. Not bad, but the red bird is boring. Call me when you make something splode. Bomb bird, FTW.

  4. Jen says:

    A video of someone playing outside….for fun?! It almost sounds like this guy has a “life”.

    Stuff like this warms my Girl Guide leader heart.