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Ready For More DESTINY Beta Codes? Of Course You Are!

Ready For More DESTINY Beta Codes? Of Course You Are!

It’s Destiny Beta’s Eve, ladies and gents, and for anyone who’s been bah humbugging about that due to lack of beta access, you’ll be happy to know that we’re continuing the spectacular monsoon of Destiny beta keys here on Nerdist to get everyone suited and booted for the servers going up tomorrow. PlayStation owners (PS3, PS4) will be the first to experience what many are calling the next flagship first person shooter, with Xboxers getting in on the fun on July 23.

But what if you don’t own a PlayStation and don’t want to wait to experience the game? Or what if you’ll be spending the long day at work tomorrow yearning for some Destiny beta action? Fear not, my friends! You can live vicariously through us when Bungie’s very own Eric Osborne joins us live on Twitch to take us on an intergalactic expedition across Destiny’s massive open-world. The live steam will start promptly at noon, alongside yet another massive beta code giveaway for anyone who missed out on grabbing one today.

But enough of the banter, let’s get down to the first order of business to getting you aspiring Guardians up and going! Start off by entering your email address in the box below.

Once you have received your code from us, follow the instructions provided on Bungie’s code redemption page and you’ll be all set to go when the beta launches tomorrow. Keep in mind that one redemption will give you access to three codes (per console), so you’ll be able to share with your friends as well. We’d also be most grateful if you’d let the world of social media know where you got this code from using the hashtag #DatBetaTho.

Your average public beta for most games is rather stingy when it comes to giving players a robust amount of options in regards to content, for obvious reasons. But the Destiny beta is looking to surprise people with the amount of content it offers, according to Bungie lead designer, Lars Bakken. The studio recently released a brand new bit informing players on everything that one needs to know about the Destiny beta. Get ready for this week’s festivities with this video:

Did that get you excited for tomorrow? Do you think Destiny will live up to the extreme amounts of hype surrounding it? Launch your thoughts within orbit of our comments section, down below.