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Read 224 Issues of Starlog Magazine For Free at the Internet Archive

Read 224 Issues of Starlog Magazine For Free at the Internet Archive

Remember Starlog magazine? Its first issue hit stands in August 1976, and it kicked off with a complete guide to the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series and a behind the scenes look at The Bionic Woman. Starlog focused on science fiction and was released on a regular basis until 2009. The magazine covered a specific subset of entertainment, and it left a void that hasn’t quite been filled by any other print publication. Thankfully, we can revisit the glory days of Starlog via the Internet Archive.

The archive is a non-profit group created to build an Internet library accessible to the general public. The site covers a wide range of topics in mediums such as text, moving images, audio, and even archived websites. You’ll find 224 issues of Starlog in the digital library’s halls, and it’s delightful to flip back through the past. They’ve been available for a while, and it’s worth checking them out to read about the making of movies like Blade Runner and other sci-fi classics. If nothing else, browse a few issues just to enjoy the tongue-in-cheek cartoons that appear throughout the pages.

You can browse Starlog online, download a PDF, or get an e-reader file. All of the options are free, but you can make a donation to the Internet Archive if you’d like to help preserve the vast amounts of information on the website.

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  1. Starlog Uploader says:

    Up to issue #239 now.