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ReAction Creates Retro Toys Based on FIREFLY, TERMINATOR

ReAction Creates Retro Toys Based on FIREFLY, TERMINATOR

Do you know how hard it was for me to not SEO-ifiy this post with a title like “Something Something Firely Flies Again Something Something?” It was very hard, people.

But yeah, if you want new adventures based on the good ship Serenity, then Super7 has got your back with a series of retro-inspired toys (think Mego meets Kenner) based on some beloved properties including Terminator, Back to the Future, and The Goonies. The line is a collaboration between Super7 and Funko, hitting you right in the nostalgia centers for a relatively low, low price when it comes to these kinds of toys.

They’re part of the ReAction series, 3 and 3/4-inch poseable plastic figures. In terms of scale and poseability, they remind me of the classic Kenner Star Wars toys, but with the sort of rough-hewn faces and low-detail designs coupled with real cloth outfits for some of the characters, they harken back to the old Mego superhero figures which were ofter head swaps and re-paints of existing toys.

Some of the standouts include the Escape From New York Snake Plissken, although the lack of Isaac Hayes’ Duke and Ernest Borgnine’s Cabbie* should count as some sort of criminal oversight, right?


And while it would have been nice to get a movie likeness-perfect Michael Biehn, the Kyle Reese Terminator figure ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at (although I’d probably go for the T-800 Chrome Endoskeleton first.

You can see the full collection of ReAction figures on the Super7 site.

*Borgnine’s character in that movie always bugged me. I mean, the island was for the worst of the worst criminals, right? So what terrible, horrible thing did the grinning cab driver to do earn exile? Like, I suspect it involved stolen human faces and and teeth because I’m a terrible person.