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Raising Awareness One FROGGER Skyscraper Game At A Time

Raising Awareness One FROGGER Skyscraper Game At A Time

Playing video games against the side of skyscrapers may not be new news, but this São Paulo installation by Noobware, a Spanish game studio, is attempting to raise awareness of the high number of traffic deaths in developing nations by playing a Frogger-homage game on a 22-story-tall building. Dubbed Street Crosser, instead of the customary frogs retro gamers are familiar with, you play as little old ladies crossing busy intersections.game2 Though Noobware’s cause is a charitable one, it’s hard to imagine holding back a few laughs seeing virtual grandmas getting run over by things other than reindeers.

game3The Street Crosser installation is part of a month-long digital arts festival in Brazil called Mostra Play! Think of it as the SXSW of Brazil. And by displaying the game on a skyscraper, Noobware is hoping to get pedestrians off the streets and partaking in everyone’s favorite pastime, gaming, in hopes of alleviating accidents.

Let’s hope they’re playing out of the line of sight of drivers.

HT: The Creators Project