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Rachel Dratch is Moving to Pawnee for PARKS AND RECREATION’s Final Season

Rachel Dratch is Moving to Pawnee for PARKS AND RECREATION’s Final Season

For all the sadness that’s inherent in this forthcoming, final season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, they sure are pulling out all the stops. Namely, a Saturday Night Live reunion is on the horizon: Rachel Dratch will join series star Amy Poehler for at least one episode on the show with the option to return for more. Weeee!

Certainly, with a character like Dratch — perhaps most well-known for outlandish weirdos and straightman-types on the late night sketch series — will bring a bounty of bizarre behavior to the series as the nanny to Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt’s triplets. Yes, that’s right: she will be the caregiver for the über-busy Wyatt-Knope clan. One can only hope this means we’ll see a lot of wholly inappropriate toddler outings: like, say, daily trips to the Sweetums factory to load up on sugar rushes before and after checking out other Pawnee, Indiana landmarks and business endeavors, like peepin’ on the residents at The Quiet Corn Bed and Breakfast, dancing the night away at the Farmer’s Market After Dark, (because who doesn’t love to watch those Chardbodies, eh?), and nightly visits to Lil’ Sebastian’s grave site for weekly cult grou… erm, prayer sessions.

Currently the actress and comedian is only slated for a single episode (oh jeez, just how bad ARE her babysitting skills?), though the option for her to return is possible, explains Entertainment Weekly. Fingers crossed, eh?

Dratch isn’t the only guest star slated for the final season: Megan Mullally and Natalie Morales have already been confirmed to return.

So — what sort of nanny do we think Dratch will be? Let us hear your theories in the comments.


  1. Brian Bouton says:

    That’s exciting news for the “Chris Pratt Show,” however, adding more characters to the already huge cast is probably not the best idea.

  2. Finally! TV bliss awaits.

    • Paul says:

      If they don’t make this the final season, they’re morons. It’s the perfect time to end it. I don’t want it to go on and on like The Office did.