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Puck You, Miss: Chris Lilley’s JONAH FROM TONGA is Here

Puck You, Miss: Chris Lilley’s JONAH FROM TONGA is Here

For fans of Chris Lilley’s wily and absurdist character shows, the news that HBO would be airing yet another — hot on the heels of Ja’mie: Private School GirlSummer Heights High spin-off series is a very exciting prospect. And it’s going to premiere very, very soon! (As in this August — the 8th of — at 10PM.) This time it will be Jonah Takalua, the disruptive and delinquent ne’erdowell Tongan schoolboy who was expelled at the end of Summer Heights High in a new six episode series called Jonah From Tonga. And we’ve got a trailer for you right here, right now!

According to the series official description, Jonah from Tonga picks up shortly after the boy was expelled from Summer Heights High. At the onset of the series, Jonah father Rocky has sent him packing back to the motherland — his familial homestead on the island of Tongapatu — in order to spend time with his extended family and get his life back on track at last. But, as one should expect, when we all meet up with Jonah, he’s four months into his stay and his uncle has been given no choice but to send him back to Sydney thanks to his unruly antics, where he is enrolled in yet another academic institution, the Holy Cross School. Naturally, Jonah finds himself adapting to a new school and fending off new foes the only way he knows how while still attempting to be the “good boy” his family knows he can be. (But can he though? Really?)

Which Lilley character is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Butters says:

    S.mouse is the best

  2. Carrie says:

    I think Jonah is the best character. On the other hand, Mr. G is due for his own spin-off show. A side from Summer Heights High, Nathan and Danial are my all time favorite. They share the same names as my cousins. Too bad one of them is dead (I shit you not).

    Great if Lilley could do the Nerdist podcast. That would be a nice piece of AWESOME!