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PS4 To Add Video Editing, HDCP Disabling In Update 1.70

PS4 To Add Video Editing, HDCP Disabling In Update 1.70

The PlayStation 4 has had a killer launch thus far, with over 7 million units sold in its short five months on store shelves. But one area where the Xbox One has had the edge on the PS4 is in its ability to edit captured gameplay through a proprietary video application… at least, until now, because Sony just announced the new video editing service, SHAREfactory, to be included in the upcoming PS4 system update.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.05.21 PMThe service will allow players to edit files on their PS4 and either share them on social networks or export them to an external storage device to access on their computers. You can also add custom music to the videos, which leads me to believe that custom soundtracks are soon to surface on the console as well.

Perhaps the best news about the update comes with the added ability to disable the HDCP limitations, which have previously prevented players from recording gameplay footage using third party capture devices like the El Gato. Update 1.70 will allow livestreaming and gameplay capture outside of the PS4’s built in (and limited) capabilities.

Here’s a video giving you a closer look at SHAREFactory :


This is just one of the supposedly many features that will be coming in this new PS4 update, which will also include the ability to download (but not play) pre-ordered games to your system a week prior to their release. All I personally want is the ability to sort your friends list, because scrolling through the average 350 players who are online every time I hop on has not been the most clock-friendly nor intuitive experience. More on update 1.70 as the details unravel.

HT: PlayStation Blog