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“The Prototype”: A – GASP- Simple Sci-Fi Movie?

Whilst having a gander at new movie trailers on YouTube (something I seem to do most of the livelong day), I happened upon this trailer for a film entitled The Prototype. I’ve never even heard of this; it looks GREAT! (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not a movie version of “Prototype,” the video game. It’s unrelated)

I really miss the days when low-budget science fiction was about ideas and not just cheap-looking CG effects. We get caught up nowadays with science fiction meaning “action movie with spaceships and junk,” which is not what it ought to be at all. Science fiction, at its core, is about ideas about the future that relate to things happening today. With everyone talking obliquely about “The Singularity,” it seems like a perfect time to revisit the age-old sci-fi staple of merging machine and man. This film’s use of the steam-punkish soldier bot who is both mechanical and organic is an excellent touch as well.

If this movie can pull off what the trailer promises (which is increasingly hard to come by these days), then this might go up there with Primer and Moon as low-budget, high-concept science fiction done right. What do you guys think and what are some of your favorite low-fi sci-fi movies? POST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

-Kanderson is part machine now; existing mainly on TWITTER and PODCAST.