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Professional Crazy Man Colin Furze Set Off a Van Filled with Fireworks

Being a true crazy man—a professional crazy man—means that when a bunch of well meaning people point out your insane escapades might have posed some serious dangers to your safety, you take that as a cue to actually see what would have happened if that potentially terrible thing had occurred. That kind of worldview is what separates Colin Furze from the amateur ranks of crazy people.

We told you all about Furze’s 5,000 firework Death Star  hat he built when he reached three million YouTube subscribers, and some smart, caring people that watched it pointed out to him that when he was driving all of those explosives in his van he might have been in some real, potentially fatal, danger if they had gone off. Yes, great point. That was probably an unsafe situation since that’s a lot of fire power in a small, enclosed space.

So obviously those legitimate concerns gave Furze the idea to just go ahead and make it happen:


In his latest video he once again filled up a van with fireworks, but this time he just fired them all off inside. The result was a huge smoke plume, but also a bunch of short burst of colors, and a blown off door.

Then, because this is what he does, he had a small plane come by to stoke the fires.


Because any mad man can set off too many fireworks, but it takes a real pro to turn it into a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

What’s your favorite video from Furze? Light up our comments with your choice.

Images: Colin Furze

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