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Preview THE MAYA RUDOLPH SHOW Before It Premieres Tonight

Preview THE MAYA RUDOLPH SHOW Before It Premieres Tonight

Tonight, NBC is giving a big nod to the old comedy variety shows of decades past with the premiere of The Maya Rudolph Show at 10PM. After being in contention with David Koechner and his comedy variety pilot earlier this year at NBC, Rudolph is set for bringing the pizazz of elaborate dance numbers mixed in with comedy bits featuring celebrities and old friends alike.

Her Saturday Night Live chums Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and Chris Parnell will be joining her, dressed to the nines on a giant stage, as you can see in Maya’s lavish introduction.

Of course, as it is The Maya Rudolph ShowMaya Rudolph gets her own special introduction, complete with gigantic block letters.

No comedy variety special would be complete without guest appearances from big Hollywood stars (that also have a great comedy chops) like Sean Hayes, Kristen Bell, and Craig Robinson. Non-comedians/actors Janelle Monae and Raphael Saddiq will also be doing straight musical performances. All of those folks will also be getting in on the elaborate fun in sketches, songs, and more. One of the sketches from tonight’s special introduces America to The Garmyns, which never quite know what place you’re talking about.

For years, NBC hasn’t had any sort of comedy variety show outside of Saturday Night Live. Perhaps, if The Maya Rudolph Show is a hit ratings wise, this could potentially become a regular series, not unlike SNL. In this collection of previews, there is even a time lapse behind-the-scenes set up of the show, similar to the one viewers see between commercials during SNL. If The Maya Rudolph Show does indeed become something more at NBC, all of America will hopefully, once and for all, get to see Rudolph’s Prince cover band, Princess.


  1. it was such a shame :( …I am a huge Maya Rudolph fan and think she is great in this environment…. unfortunately, I really don’t think 2014 is the time to try and bring back Variety Shows. I probably wont bother with the second episode :(