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Preview Pages From the Next Issue Of “Adventure Time”

AdventureTime16nerdistpreviewPOSTIf you’re a fan of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake — and everyone is, from young ‘uns to certain older folk — you should be reading the Adventure Time comic from BOOM! Studios/kaBOOM!. The comic version is true to the look and spirit of the TV original, smart and inventive, with multiple covers and different artists’ interpretations of the characters. They’ve done spinoff series with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum and with, of course, Fionna and Cake, and… okay, okay, I’m getting to it.

Issue 16 is due next week — Wednesday, May 22nd, to be precise — and Nerdist has been entrusted by BOOM! with different versions of the issue’s cover art and previews of pages from the book, including the first two pages of the Princess Bubblegum back-up story “Opposite Day.” Oh, and because the main story is the start of a whole new arc, it’s a perfect opportunity for new readers to jump in. Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge ’em.

Enjoy, and buy the book in stores on Wednesday or pre-order it now.