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Preview Jim Gaffigan’s New Special OBSESSED, Airing Sunday Night

Preview Jim Gaffigan’s New Special OBSESSED, Airing Sunday Night

Sunday night at 10/9c, Comedy Central will premiere Jim Gaffigan’s latest stand-up special, Obsessed, and Gaffigan would like you to know that he doesn’t just talk about food, specifically donuts. Renowned for his vast wealth of comedic material on food, Jim still manages to his continue his own comedic culinary saga on Obsessed, in addition to adding his sharp, subtle observations on other non-edible topics.

Throughout the last two weeks, there has been more than a generous preview of Obsessed online, and we can finally get more Gaffigan adjusting the pitch of his voice to question his own succinct, killer jokes on religion, death, and, of course, donuts. In this promo, Gaffigan, who acknowledges his reputation for his legendary bits about Hot Pockets and bacon, claims, while standing next to a tray of donuts, that he talks about something besides donuts.

Gaffigan isn’t lying. Here he is voicing all what we secretly think of kale:

Gaffigan also has some subversive observations on seafood that are like an eye opening (and funny) documentary:

Here is proof that Gaffigan can brilliantly talk about something other than food, in this case weddings on Obsessed. In fact, this joke on weddings makes a great case for simply getting hitched at City Hall:

Jim stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as well and gave a nice sampling of his special. Following up his wonderful material on having 4 children from Mr. Universe, Gaffigan has a whole new set of jokes about having 5 kids. It should be noted that these are not merely jokes about having 4 kids and replacing with the 4 with 5. Jim has definitely settled into his family, as opposed to that feeling of “drowning, then someone hands you a baby”. Also, there’s a nice lesson about that famous landmark Mt. Rushmore that no one really visits anymore: