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Prepare to be Thrilled and Chilled by the MONSTER MACHINE Teaser

Prepare to be Thrilled and Chilled by the MONSTER MACHINE Teaser

mm-gridSomething spooky this way comes to the Nerdist Channel. On October 24th, from mad scientist/director/Onyx the Fortuitous Andrew Bowser (The Mother of Invention, Jimmy Tupper vs. the Goatman of Bowie), comes Monster Machine, a horror homage that packs in more sly references, winks and nods than Guillermo del Toro’s The Simpsons couch gag.

A love letter to the genre, Monster Machine  follows maverick inventor Vincent Dooly and his dear friend/Igor substitute Terry Futterman as they test out Vincent’s latest invention: the titular Monster Machine. What monstrous madness lies ahead for our heroes? Only time and this teaser trailer will tell…

And like all good horror shorts, it comes with an introduction from two preternaturally pulchritudinous mistresses of midnight movie mayhem and spooky storytelling, the Terror Twins! Not everyone can be the Crypt Keeper or Elvira and nail it on the first take every time, though. Sometimes there are some outrageous eldritch outtakes from beyond the pale, and the entertainment exorcists at the Nerdist Channel managed to contain the ectoplasmic excellence in this reel.

Are you excited for Monster Machine? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. CJ says:

    FUCK YEAH ! :-)

  2. danny says:

    Kind of excited “mother of invention” was hilarious!