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Prepare for TITANFALL Atlas and Pilot Figurines

Prepare for TITANFALL Atlas and Pilot Figurines

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is coming to life thanks to toy manufacturer threezero. The Titan recreation won’t be as huge as they are in the FPS title, but they’ll be just as detailed as they are in the game.

The Atlas is one of three playable Titans featured in the game and acts as the mid-range mech that balances power and speed. While you can’t actually see it in action with this figurine, the Atlas is armed with a chaingun and looks battle-worn. The pilot, on the other hand, is the assault variant of a male IMC fighter, armed with a carbine, and simply amazes with the amount of detail put into it.

Take a closer look at both the Atlas and Pilot figurines below:

I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of careful detail within each of the figures. Seriously, did they put real chain-mail armor on that pilot? Had it not been revealed that the Atlas stands at 20.5 inches tall and the pilot at 6 inches tall, I would have believed they were real. But in any case, these action toys would make a great collectible for any hardcore fan.

Both the Atlas and pilot will be bundled together when they release, but as of right now, we don’t know when pre-orders will open. Threezero has promised that they will drop more details on their official Facebook page “soon.”

Are you as amazed as I am with the figurines? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Rob W says:

    These look fantastic.  It’s about time someone produced a figure without massive elbow/shoulder joints 😀