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Prepare For an Epic Quest With the HARMONQUEST Teaser!

Prepare For an Epic Quest With the HARMONQUEST Teaser!

Based on the “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” episodes of Community, one would suspect that series creator Dan Harmon throws a crazy game of D&D. Well, you’ll get to find out when Harmonquest makes its debut.

While we don’t yet have a premiere date, we do have this first teaser featuring Workaholics star Blake Anderson, who will join other comedians like Steve Agee, Patton Oswalt, and Dan’s Harmontown co-host/comptroller Jeff Davis, and with Spencer Crittenden serving as the DM.

My hope: that Harmon throws another Harmonquest live event here in L.A. – I missed the one last summer, and allegedly, it was pretty terrific.

You can see the teaser over on io9.


  1. Fat Dan from the Darkest Timeline says:

    I’ll be there, with my family’s awesome paint-ball’n-bastard sword, my dad who is totally like a murderous dwarf, and my dead grandfather, who now lives in a lava lamp. Bring on the hobgoblins!

  2. RG says:

    Oh man, this sure made some people mad in the FB comments. They thought it was another officially-licensed D&D series. Stupid commenters, why doesn’t anyone read articles anymore?