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Power Laces, Alright!

I’ll get off of this Back To The Future kick eventually, I promise, but first we need to talk about these:

Here we have the second prototype of Power Laces shoes, a la BTTF Part II, created by Blake Bevin. This updated prototype has the lacing mechanism built into the sole, and has a sensor in the sole which activates the motor automatically. As Marty McFly once said, “Alright!”

Here’s the catch: Bevin is not affiliated with Nike…she’s trying to get these things onto shelves herself. You can check out his Kickstarter site here. The question is, will this infringe on Nike’s patent for Power Laces shoes? By the looks of it, yes. Nike appears to have a patent both for an automatic lacing system and for the specific lighting of the shoes as seen in the movie.

Thanks to Hud for the comment in my previous article that lead me to this one! You are awarded 500 internets.