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PORTAL’S GLaDOS Explains Some Science In New Video From NASA

PORTAL’S GLaDOS Explains Some Science In New Video From NASA

NASA has a new A.I. system, and like any good computer based being, she excels at multitasking. Portal‘s GLaDOS can educate and entertain, all while plotting an evil takeover. Though she isn’t exactly named in NASA’s recent educational video, in it, the manipulative A.I. system is brought to life by the voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McLain.

She’s just been activated, but she doesn’t need much time to warm-up. She immediately delivers hilarious lines and jumps into teaching two clueless computer technicians about the difference between nuclear fusion and fission. The topic might sound dry, but GLaDOS’ delivery will captivate you.

The education and public outreach department of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope produced the video, and it’s an inventive way to present educational material.Hopefully GLaDOS will be back to take over the world — I mean, teach us more.

Who’s ready to hire GLaDOS as a substitute teacher? Let us know in the comments.

HT: io9


  1. Adventureless_Hero says:

    Bah! I was hoping this would be a series, but the ending makes me think otherwise. I love GLADOS humor.

    Still…there was no mention of cake. :(