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Pop Bang Splat

Firecrackers. In slow motion HD. Using ultra-high-speed video cameras.


Popular Science used a Phantom v641 HD camera to shoot firecrackers blowing little stuff up real good, like a mayo jar, a bag of flour, a bucket of water, a pile of Jell-O, an egg… it’s like being a little kid again. See, because kids like to blow things up. Granted, you want to see much bigger things go boom, and the carnage is limited, but you get to see the camera’s performance and you get to see Jell-O behaving badly. And just in time for the U.S. to celebrate Independence Day, too. Boom.


  1. I rarely comment, however after browsing a few of the comments here Pop Bang Splat

  2. brie987 says:

    The mayonnaise is my visual of the big bang, a bunch of packed goo is released with a “bang” creating a mess (us) everywhere. Fun to watch but the editing was too fast for me if they left 5 seconds longer the destruction would feel more complete/satisfying. Still enjoyed it.

  3. Works here. Try the player on PopSci’s page (link in the body of the above post)…

  4. John Pavlich says:

    The embedded player is not working. The “Play” button is grayed out, so I can’t see the video. :(

  5. Katie says:

    I love Popular Science! I’m the only girl I know that reads it, but its totally worth it. This video also shows why I should not be allowed to play with fireworks

  6. MC HooHa says:

    Thank you to Popular Science for doing that so I could see and I don’t have to try for myself. Because I’m clumsy and would probably loose some necessary appendage.