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POKEMON ANIMATION Making Its Way to Netflix March 1st

POKEMON ANIMATION Making Its Way to Netflix March 1st

It looks like Ash, Pikachu and friends will be electrifying the on-demand scene very soon, as Pokémon Company International just announced a partnership with Netflix to deliver Pokémon Animation to the streaming service.

PIKACHUStarting March 1st, the first season of the classic Pokémon: Indigo League series, the Pokémon Black & White season, and two feature length Pokémon films will all be available to stream on demand. So anyone looking to return to the good ole days of the original 151 and Pokéraps, or to catch up with some of Ash’s more recent shenanigans, Netflix has got you covered.

This comes on the heels of some rather interesting Pokémon developments, like the unmissable arrival of TwitchPlaysPokemon, which has gained so much popularity that live-action parodies have been concocted in its honor. Or even this awesome Pokémon pop parody medley from Screen Team Show, that features quite a few fan-favorite pop divas. With all this buzz, it’d be the perfect time to announce a next-gen Pokémon MMO, wouldn’t it? Totally looking at you, Nintendo.


  1. TypoFirebird says:

    I’d much more like to see a spin-off game with a freeform field battle system like Tales of Symphonia. How this hasn’t happened yet I don’t know. I do know that a game like that would probably sell like gangbusters.

  2. Mikey O says:

    That last statement. Seriously, why hasn’t it happened yet?